About NMC

We are a music and culture led non-profit organization with a mission: we want to promote formal music education, preserve the intangible heritage, promotion of talent and the promotion of music and dances of various ethnic groups of Nepal at the National and international levels.

Combining our research with industry experts to deliver music education to the society!!

"For me NMC is a place to meet different musicians from different musical horizons and feel the freedom of learning the music from different prospects of the acquainted teachers. - Rizu Tuladhar "
"The environment is beautiful and my kids enjoy learning with the faculty at NMC. They never want to go home after class. "

About NSV

Nepal Sangeet Vidhyalaya, a music school established in the year 2006 by Music Nepal. It aims to provide formal education in music from the primary level. It is probably the first ever school established with due permission from Ministry of Education, with the given responsibility of developing curriculum for formal music education. The school is managed by Nepal Music Center, a non-profit organization.
NSV is currently working on the development of relevant music curriculum. In this process, Nepal Music Center has been exploring the folk music of various ethnic groups as a possible educational resource.

Recently, in the Spring of 2016, the ministry of education made an important decision and introduced music in technical stream education and Nepal Sangeet Vidhyalaya was chosen to be the pilot school for this first time ever program in Nepal from the academic year 2073. Expanding into the high school grades with a music curriculum that emphasizes the development of the student as a musician for the 21st century. Nepal Sangeet Vidhayala is the Nepal’s only High school that teaches music as a core subject. 


NMC Activities

A not for profit institution committed to ensuring that music instruction is a core component to a complete education, giving children the tools and confidence to excel in education and in life: Among others, our main activities include:

Formal Music Education

With the aim to provide formal music education from the primary level onwards, NSV is the first school in Nepal to be assigned the task of developing a music curriculum by the Ministry of Education. With our curriculum approved up to class ten, staff and teachers at NSV are currently working on the development of a curriculum for higher studies in music.
NSV sees Eastern and Western pedagogies as complementary and relies on both to work towards an innovative instructional methodology. Our belief in “learning by doing” is evident in our teaching methods. School workshops, ensembles, and concerts are among the regular activities put on by NSV students and staff.

Promotion of talent

We believe in the fundamental that –‘Talent must be found and fostered!’
Musicians and dancers are creators and bearers of specialized knowledge, and should be celebrated by a wide audience. We help open the door for talented students to work with the best talent in the field of music. We also provide recording /publishing facilities for talents to help them promote their creativity. NMC stages both internal and external events on a regular basis by performers of a variety of genres. Our program focuses on: • Construction and development of technical and motor skills • Development of musicality and expressiveness • Ear training and general music theory • Interpreting and understanding of musical works • Creating a repertoire • Preparation for concerts, competitions and examinations • Coaching and mental training for stage performances • Regular performances. NSV also facilitates young researchers!

Research And Documentation

Nepal Music Center is continuously studying musical traditions of various ethnic groups to generate educational materials.
With the motive of extending research beyond documentation, transcription, and analysis to include and action; a large portion of our research is carried out with the aim of integrating different cultural music traditions into teaching materials for a national curriculum.
It is a center for research, documentation, preservation, and promotion of music and dance culture.


NMC is a music institution that:

• Teaches the skills that the industry seeks, with the industries best teachers/ Performers.
• House for International certificates; Rock school / ABRSM
• Promotion of our researched documentation for education purposes.
• Regular workshops with national and international professionals.

Exchange Program

Nepal Music Center (NMC) is committed to the exchange of students, teachers, and performers at the national, regional, and international levels.
Our exchange Program expands opportunities for students /teachers and musicians by creating exchanges with leading universities and faculties. NMC has welcomed experts in various fields through its exchange program, including professors, composers, performers, sound engineers, choreographers, and directors from Norway, Sweden, Finland the United States, the United Kingdom, China and France, among others. Not only does the exchange program benefit NSV but also helps other industry people in Nepal, with workshops and concerts. Nepali musicians and music educators have been received in Sweden, Norway, Finland, China, Malaysia to attend and give workshops and concerts; Several NSV students/teachers, have performed at events like the Forde Festival in Norway , the Ethno Festival in Sweden, Glomus Camp in Borneo, Malaysia.

Press Coverage

We were featured in different Newspaper of Nepal.

Our Team

  • Mr. Satya Mohan Joshi

    (Senior Cultural expert)

  • Mr. Tirtha Man Shakya


  • Mr. Santosh Kumar Sharma

    Member Secretary

  • Tom Gravlie

  • Mr. Ram P. Basyal

    (Ex- Joint secretary MoE)

  • Mrs. Sabitri Malla


  • Einar Solbu

  • Iman Bikram Shah

    Technical Director & Teacher Music Technology

  • Barta Gandarva


  • Nuchchhe Bd Dangol


  • Sudarshan Pokharel

    HR. Admin officer

  • Sir David Price

  • Hari Maharjan

    Jazz Guitar

  • Heidi Westerlund

  • Huib Schippers

  • Anoop Maharjan


  • Mr. Ratna Samsher Thapa

    (Senior Lyricist)

  • Mr. Kumar Basnet

    (Legendary Folk Singer)

  • Mrs. Kanchan Sharma

    (Representative of Wada)

  • Rabin Das Shrestha

    Eastern Vocal

  • Riju Tuladhar

    Bass Guitar

  • Sumi Shahi


  • Sanjog Pradhan


  • Rajesh Nepali

    Vocal Instructor

  • Deepak Moktan

    Guitar Teacher

  • Madan Gopal

    Eastern Vocal

  • Alex Waiba


  • Bhuvan Das Shrestha

    Easterm Dance

  • Bijay Kapali

    Rock Guitar

  • Deepak Shakya

    Bass Guitar

  • Ujjwal Bomzon Tamang

    Keyboard Teacher

  • Simma Rai

    Western Vocal Instructor

  • Sujata Baral

    Classical Dance

  • Representative

    Ministry of Education

  • Representative

    Ministry of Culture

  • Representative

    Ministry of Finance

  • School Inspector

    District Education Office

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